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Non-Moving Violations

Points are not assessed on the Missouri driving record for non-moving violations.† FACT suspensions cannot be submitted for processing on non-moving violations.

The following list is not all-inclusive, but does reflect the most commonly reported non-moving violations.

Commonly Reported Non-Moving Violations

†††††††† Possession of marijuana

†††††††† Possession of drug paraphernalia

†††††††† Minor in possession of alcohol

†††††††† Failed to properly display vehicle license plates and/or tabs

†††††††† Failed to register motor vehicle with Department of Revenue or sufficient gross weight

†††††††† Displayed motor vehicle plats on vehicle that belong to another person

†††††††† Transported children and/or self without the use of seat belts or approved restraint system

†††††††† Motor vehicle plates expired

†††††††† Operated vehicle with studded tires between April 1 and November 1

†††††††† Operated a vehicle with radar detector device

†††††††† Possession of altered driverís license (not in moving vehicle)

†††††††† Failed to display a fuel license/permit

†††††††† Failure to purchase city sticker

†††††††† Loud music by peace disturbance in a vehicle

†††††††† No medical certification card for Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) driver

†††††††† Littering from a moving vehicle

†††††††† Improper parking or illegally parking

†††††††† Supplied intoxicating liquor to person under 21 years of age

†††††††† Failed to wear a motorcycle helmet

†††††††† Open container in a parked vehicle or in possession of passenger

†††††††† Failed to stop at weigh station

Any type of description that deals with vehicle equipment or the vehicle:

†††††††† Defective windshield

†††††††† Defective or no tail lights

†††††††† Operate with one headlight

†††††††† Operate CMV with unsafe suspension

†††††††† Defective horn

†††††††† No brake lights

†††††††† No muffler

†††††††† Failed to secure vehicle load

†††††††† Improper width of vehicle

†††††††† Vision reducing material applied to windows

†††††††† Defective equipment

†††††††† Improper load on vehicle

†††††††† Vehicle over-weight

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