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Non-Moving Violations


Points are not assessed on the Missouri driving record for non-moving violations.  FACT suspensions cannot be submitted for processing on non-moving violations.


The following list is not all-inclusive, but does reflect the most commonly reported non-moving violations.


Commonly Reported Non-Moving Violations

*         Possession of marijuana

*         Possession of drug paraphernalia

*         Minor in possession of alcohol

*         Failed to properly display vehicle license plates and/or tabs

*         Failed to register motor vehicle with Department of Revenue or sufficient gross weight

*         Displayed motor vehicle plats on vehicle that belong to another person

*         Transported children and/or self without the use of seat belts or approved restraint system

*         Motor vehicle plates expired

*         Operated vehicle with studded tires between April 1 and November 1

*         Operated a vehicle with radar detector device

*         Possession of altered driver’s license (not in moving vehicle)

*         Failed to display a fuel license/permit

*         Failure to purchase city sticker

*         Loud music by peace disturbance in a vehicle

*         No medical certification card for Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) driver

*         Littering from a moving vehicle

*         Improper parking or illegally parking

*         Supplied intoxicating liquor to person under 21 years of age

*         Failed to wear a motorcycle helmet

*         Open container in a parked vehicle or in possession of passenger

*         Failed to stop at weigh station



Any type of description that deals with vehicle equipment or the vehicle:


*         Defective windshield

*         Defective or no tail lights

*         Operate with one headlight

*         Operate CMV with unsafe suspension

*         Defective horn

*         No brake lights

*         No muffler

*         Failed to secure vehicle load

*         Improper width of vehicle

*         Vision reducing material applied to windows

*         Defective equipment

*         Improper load on vehicle

*         Vehicle over-weight






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