Points System

The Points System is a guideline of minimum standards that are set and managed by the State of Missouri. The points assessed for the violations vary, based on conviction under state or county or municipal ordinance.

View the Tickets and Points FAQ from the State of Missouri.

Suspension & Revocation Points System

Points Suspension / Revocation
8 Points in 18 Months 30 Day Suspension*
8 Points in 18 Months 60 Day Suspension (2nd Suspension)*
8 Points in 18 Months 90 Days Suspension (3rd Suspension)*
12 Points in 12 Months 1 Year Revocation*
18 Points in 24 Months 1 Year Revocation*
24 Points in 36 Months 1 Year Revocation*

* Except when credit of time occurs due to an administrative alcohol action.

* The estimations are subject to change as each individual case could be different.